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About Us

We Hack Purple is a Canadian company dedicated to helping anyone and everyone create secure software. We have an online academy with on-demand virtual security training, an online community for security professionals to connect with their peers and learn, a podcast for newcomers to in our industry, and a newsletter chock full of free content and funny memes. Our goal is to share valuable security information with our industry, and to train individuals to help fill the many empty security roles in organizations around the world with qualified and skilled workers.

Why You Should Join Us

Here at WHP, we want to have a safe space where security professionals can learn and share their knowledge. We moderate our community and do not tolerate bullying. 

Regular content is posted from @SheHacksPurple, re-posted content from public blogs and newsletters, and by members themselves!


Check out our podcast at https://wehackpurple.buzzsprout.com/